Xiaomi corrects battery degradation with the new omnipotent 200W hypercharging

Xiaomi corrects battery degradation with the new omnipotent 200W hypercharging

Xiaomi has announced a new one in May a crazy fast charging technology called Hypercharge which charges the phone with a stunning 200W of power. The technology was previewed by charging a custom-made Mi 11 Pro 4000 mAh battery 0-100% in just 8 minutes. However, the company reveals that this is actually the price of battery life, tells the Android Authority.

Xiaom’s 200W charge reduces battery capacity to about 80 percent in just two years

In response to a question about the Q&A section Chinese website Weibo, Xiaomi addressed some concerns about whether such a very fast charge could affect the battery life of your phone. The message states that 800 charge and discharge cycles at 200 W can result in “over 80%” battery capacity.

Roughly 800 charge and discharge cycles are just over two years. Technically, this means that a phone with a 4000 mAh battery cell can use about 3200 mAh (80%) of the battery after this period if you charge it with a 200 W charger. Of course, it’s not a huge amount of battery degradation, but it’s still worth mentioning.

In addition, Xiaomi reported in the mail that, according to Chinese regulatory standards, at least 60% of the battery capacity must be left after a 400-charge discharge period, which is about a year. Clearly, 60% of battery capacity is nowhere near large, especially on modern smartphones that support 5G, fast refresh rate displays, and a wide range of power consumption features.

In connection with the announcement, Xiaomi introduced the new fast charging technology as follows:

It’s important to note that taking proper care of your battery, such as following some simple battery health guidelines, such as letting your phone constantly discharge to 0%, avoiding high-temperature environments while charging, and using certified chargers for your phone, can improve battery life. However, no solution has yet been found in the art to avoid the health effects of ultra-fast charger batteries.

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