Xiaom’s latest smartphone patents refer to the continuous focusing of cameras


Xiaom’s latest smartphone patents refer to the continuous focusing of cameras

Xiaomi is best known cheap phones, but the brand also creates high – end devices that transcend the boundaries of mobile cameras. And just filed patents suggest that the strategy is not coming to an end soon.

Xiaomi smartphone 1

The first patented smartphone has a square display with a hole for selfie sensors and an impressively thin frame. On the other hand, there is a very long camera bump on the back. Bump design is what you can expect if Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy S21 incorporated. It borrows the size and length of the former and accepts the latter shape, which sees it blend into the frame.

It has four cameras and what appears to be an elongated LED flash. We don’t know the technical details because this is simply a patent, but it seems Xiaomi examines a large main camera and a periscope shooter.

Xiaomi smartphone 2

The next patented smartphone design retains the same front panel as above, but with a completely different look on the back. In particular, the back panel is divided vertically, and the left part is painted in a darker shade. This area also has a large camera jump that resembles the shape of a sports hall and includes up to five sensors, including two massive cameras and a periscope shooter.

Xiaomi smartphone 3

Xiaomi’s final patented design is similar to what Vivo offered on the relatively new X60 Pro flagship and what Xiaomi herself adopted last year Mi 10T Pro. At the back is a rectangular camera module with three sensors.

Again, the specifications are not listed because this is a patent, but it seems that Xiaomi is thinking of a larger main sensor and two smaller cameras in addition to the LED flash outside the bump.

As usual, there is no guarantee that Xiaomi will ever release smartphones with these camera crash models. But the ideas can still be a clue as to what comes from a Chinese brand.

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