Yes, The Book in Shadow and Bone is… Shadow and Bone

This Shadow and Bone article contains spoilers.

Books are powerful things—not only good for entertainment, but also defense. There’s a moment in Episode 6 of Netflix’s Shadow and Bone, “The Heart is an Arrow,” that sees the Crows steal the Darkling’s carriage for their getaway after Inej is wounded. In the process, they interrupt David, who is sitting cozily in the carriage, reading a good book. When Jesper startles him, David throws the book at Jesper before he is thrown from the carriage and knocked out. Jesper then holds up the book and says, exasperated (to Kaz), “He threw a book at me.” Yes, my friends, that book is Shadow and Bone.

“That is maybe my favorite moment in the show,” Shadow and Bone author told Den of Geek during a Zoom interviews. “Because that book is a copy of Shadow and Bone in Ravkan.” The book in question actually belongs to Bardugo, and is her “most treasured possession.”

The moment not only acts as a fun Easter egg for eagle-eyed viewers (who speak Ravkan), but has further resonance within the adaptation, as it is yet another moment we get to see a character from one part of the Grishaverse universe (David) interact with a character from another part of the Grishaverse (Jesper) in a way they never get to in the books. The fact that David actually throws the book he appears in (Shadow and Bone) at Jesper, who isn’t actually in that source material, is a kind of meta passing of the baton. For Bardugo, these moments in which we get to see characters from different corners of the Grishaverse interact canonically for the first time ever were the best parts of experiencing the adaptation.

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