You can now star your messages in Google Messages


You can now star your messages in Google Messages

In May, we got the word that Google may add two much-needed features to Google Messages — the ability to capture conversations and the other to target specific messages. The latter is now officially introduced with the stable version of the app, while the former is still only available to beta users.

Most of us have been in a situation where we need to find some information that is buried deep in the history of conversation. Some apps, like Facebook Messenger, show a search bar if you scroll up a few times, which is sometimes useful. Often, however, we can’t think of the right keyword to find what we need, so this method doesn’t always produce good results.

Arguably, a better approach is to allow the user to save the messages in some way. Google’s addition of this feature has greatly improved the user experience of their messaging app, and the way to do it is simple.

To aim at a message, just press and hold it and tap the star icon in the top right corner of the screen. To quickly find your starred messages, a new Starred category has been added to the app’s search bar. When selected, it filters all other messages and displays only the messages you have saved.

Recording conversations

When unpacking the APK, XDA developers also noticed that Google Messages has a feature for capturing conversations. For those who regularly chat with a large number of contacts, this is undoubtedly a positive increase in quality of life. The feature has not yet been officially announced on Google, but it is announced that it will be releasing the latest beta version of the app. If you join the beta program, you may have the opportunity to try it out.

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