You can now watch partially downloaded programs on Netflix (Android only)


You can now watch partially downloaded programs on Netflix (Android only)

Netflix Users can already download programs and watch them offline, and it is a very useful feature whenever you do not have a reliable Internet connection. If you are on a long flight or traveling outside of coverage, this property can be a lifesaver.

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Netflix sounds much better on Android thanks to the new updateWhat happens if you don’t have time to stop charging before departure or WiFi fails unnoticed? It can be a frustrating four-hour flight, staring at your feet.

Netflix also thinks. Because the streaming service is launching a new feature which allows you to view partially downloaded content. You can complete the download once you’ve reconnected your Internet connection, but you don’t have to stop watching.

The new feature is already available on Android phones and tablets, but iOS users may have to wait a few more months. Netflix says that the new feature “Start testing on iOS in the coming months.”

Earlier this year, Netflix updated the download feature on its platform called Downloads For You, a feature that automatically downloads recommended programs or movies to your Android smartphone or iPhone.

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