You Need To Know About NAATI CCL Test Sample and Info & Practice Materials

CCL is an important test for those looking to move to Australia on a point-based visa. Passing the NAATI CCL test gives you five bonus points towards your PR application, which can really boost your chances of an invitation.

The CCL test is a language interpretation test where you have to listen to dialogues in your chosen language and then interpret it into English. It is a challenging task but can be accomplished with proper preparation.


A NAATI test sample consists of two dialogues where you get to act as an interpreter and translator. Each has a recording played by the testing officer and you have to respond to it in both English and your own native tongue.

You have to be aware that the test is administered online on MS Teams platform by authorities, so make sure you have a fast internet connection. If you’re from outside Australia, you may have to wait for up to 8 weeks before you receive your score via email.

The best way to prepare for the CCL is to take advantage of helpful study & practice materials that will help you get a top score on your test. Using the FREE CCL Tutorial Mobile app & Mock Test you can study wherever you are. This will make your preparation a breeze. It also comes with a wealth of information, guidance, tips, tricks & strategies from the best in the business.


NAATI CCL (Credentialed Community Language Test) is a language exam for migrants who are applying for PR in Australia. It assesses candidates’ English speaking and interpreting skills at a community level.

The test is designed to provide immigrants with 5 points towards their point-based visa application. Passing the test is essential for those who want to apply for a permanent residency in Australia.

To succeed in the test, candidates need to have an accurate understanding of the vocabulary they are being asked to interpret. This will help them avoid negative markings.

In addition, candidates should be aware of regional variations in the use of vocabulary within a particular language. Markers are able to make allowances for these in their assessment letters.

In order to score well in the NAATI CCL test, it is important to understand and build a strong work bank of vocabulary related to the Immigration / Settlement domain. This course will present you with a series of 12 video lectures that cover all key NAATI CCL vocabulary, plus test-taking techniques to assist with interpretation and decoding of the dialogues.

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A naati test sample consists of two dialogues that represent real-life situations in Australian society. They may cover topics like business, employment, legal matters, health and community services.

Each dialogue is about 300 words long and divided into 35-word segments. The total time allotted is 20 minutes.

The naati test sample mainly covers topics that are relevant to LOTE (language other than English). These include business, social and medical services, employment, legal issues and education.

In addition to this, it also covers topics related to the Language Register. The level of formality with which the candidate translates the dialogue is an important factor that can affect their score.

Hence, candidates must take note of these topics and try to master them in advance before taking the exam. The use of mnemonics, shortcuts and other strategies can help them in gathering more information quickly and efficiently.


If you are looking to work in Australia as a translator or an interpreter, you need to pass the NAATI test. This will help you earn 5 points in the point-based immigration process.

The test consists of two dialogues in which you must speak both languages. A chime will indicate the end of each segment.

Each dialogue is around 300 words. You will be asked to interpret what the native LOTE speaker is saying and then translate it into English.

You should avoid grammatical errors in both languages as this could lead to the deduction of marks. You should also try to use the correct tense in both languages.

In addition to this, you should practice the dialogues on your own. This will help you gain confidence and improve your language delivery skills.


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