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If you see traditional Western practitioners, you likely go in for a blood draw once a year or so for labs. This practice is standard and tends to look at a set range of numbers. Functional lab testing, however, is

Functional Medicine In a Nutshell

Nutrient-dense foods are a huge component of functional medicine.

Functional Lab Testing vs. Traditional Lab Work?

Depending on the panel of labs your doctor orders, they can examine various markers such as:


Red Blood Cells

White Blood Cells




signs in your labs that show us how to support you for MaxGen Labs Coupon.

By examining these numbers in a different light, I can identify potential concerns that may impact how you’re feeling. And I can more accurately spot causes for symptoms you are experiencing.

Many clients find me after they’ve tried other options that didn’t work for their health needs.

And now they recognize that having an expert on their team is the best option for them. So with that in mind, I need to dig in deep to understand what is happening inside their body. And redoing the same labs they’ve already done is a waste of their resources.

I don’t take lightly the fact that insurance rarely covers these functional lab tests. But I also know that many people have spent thousands of dollars on Western fixes that haven’t fixed anything. It’s kind of like when you call IT, and they tell you to turn your computer on and off.

I already freaking tried that!!!!! Tell me something different!

In my world, we follow the motto, “Test. Don’t guess.” It’s a waste of your time and money to keep throwing spaghetti at the wall, and when it comes to your health, that can be dangerous. We can do better so that you can feel better.

Which Tests Make Up a Functional Lab Panel?

Whenever a new client begins working with me, these are the six functional lab tests that are included.

Functional lab tests give me an excellent overview of your health.

DUTCH Complete™

Short for Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones, the DUTCH Complete™ test provides valuable data. It can analyze 35 different hormones in your body, including:








The DUTCH panel examines different hormone metabolites, giving your practitioner information about how much your body is producing. Another key benefit of the DUTCH Complete™ test is the ability to look at HPA axis function which can be missed with saliva hormone testing.

When your provider orders traditional labs, they look at the hormone levels currently in your blood. But that information doesn’t indicate how much your body is making. It also doesn’t have the ability to test cortisol levels throughout the day. This data is important when looking at adrenal function and circadian, diurnal rhythm.


The OAT requires a simple urine sample collection.

The urinary organic acids test, OAT for short, gives you a broad, comprehensive look at your overall wellness. Similar to the DUTCH test, this lab analyzes the metabolites of different markers found in the urine.


The OAT evaluates more than 70 crucial markers, including:







Amino acids

It also analyzes markers that look at:

Mitochondrial Health

Detoxification Status

Neurotransmitter Function

It’s especially helpful for people who experience chronic conditions, gastrointestinal issues, depression, and autoimmune disorders. With your OAT results, I have a great overall picture of how your body is functioning. Here’s a video that explains more about why I love the OAT test for my clients.

GI-MAP® Test

The Gastrointestinal Microbial Assay Plus, GI-MAP, targets organisms that can lead to disease and poor health. This stool test can detect bacteria, fungi, parasites, H. Pylori, viruses, and antibiotic-resistant genes to give your practitioner crucial insights into your overall gut health.

Having a picture of your gut health is crucial as we look at chronic disorders and other difficulties.

It is particularly useful when people are experiencing:

IBS or Other GI Distress

Mood Disorders

Skin Conditions

Autoimmune Conditions


Our bodies are pretty much under attack by pollutants even before we’re born. Multiple studies have found harmful chemicals in the cord blood of newborns. It’s rough, you guys.

Environmental and chemical toxicants can disrupt every body system and contribute to a staggering number of diseases and disorders.

The robust GPL-TOX screening looks for more than 170 pollutants that impact our bodies at a cellular level. It analyzes your urine for pesticides, phthalates, and insecticides, among many other things. If I know that you have a high total body burden, I can better customize therapeutic detoxification protocols to thoroughly support the liver during this process.

Many of these chemicals can have a profound impact on fertility. So if you’re planning to grow your family, this is a great test to run several months prior to conception so you can better optimize fertility.

Glyphosate Test

In use for agricultural purposes since the 1970s, glyphosate is a powerful herbicide. It’s a primary component of popular weed killers such as Roundup™.

Glyphosate is a key ingredient in popular herbicides worldwide. It’s been linked to many chronic disorders and birth defects.

This contaminant can enter the body through the skin or by eating food treated with it. Water can also contain glyphosate. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) identified it as a probable carcinogen for humans. And research supports a connection between glyphosate use and birth defects.

Additional studies indicate that there may be a link between this toxin and many chronic conditions such as:



Multiple Sclerosis




Glyphosate can also interfere with the production of amino acids, disrupt the microbiome, inhibit important liver functions, and bind to important minerals the body needs. The glyphosate molecule also looks incredibly similar to the glycine molecule. It may not only be accumulating in the body, but also integrating into the collagen and tissues causing even more harm.

The glyphosate test relies on a urine sample, so it is a simple and noninvasive test to run. It’s often part of a functional lab testing panel with the OAT and the GPL-TOX test.

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