YouTube borrows three more features from Twitch


YouTube more a trio of new features for live streaming today, which are all twitch streaming equipment. Streamers can now limit their conversations to subscribers only, they can create queries for their conversations, and they and their viewers can now create clips of popular game streams.

These features have been on Twitch for some time, and are all important tools for streamers to connect with the community. Restricting chats to subscribers only can help moderately by removing people who are just arriving, and it gives streamers a new tool to encourage viewers to start paying. Voting is useful for communicating with often chaotic chat rooms, giving streaming devices a simple way to ask for information on what they should do next.

Polls are now supported on YouTube live chat.
GIF: YouTube

Clips are also a critical tool for finding. Since most people aren’t going to watch a multi-hour stream, Twitch’s editing tool allows fans to collect and share highlights, which can help bring new people to the stream. YouTube continues to restrict clips to game developers with more than 1,000 followers, even though it says the feature will be rolled out to everyone eventually. Clips, like chat features, were been in testing limited number of content providers so far.

While Twitch is still the dominant name in streaming, Facebook Gaming and YouTube Gaming have grown. According to Streamlabs and Stream Hatchet, YouTube had about a quarter of the market at the end of 2020, with Twitch accounting for about two – thirds of the audience. YouTube has a long way to go, but adding basic features like these can take a lot of support for streamers and help them grow.

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