YouTube is adding a new way to tell content providers

YouTube viewers will soon have a new way to throw support and money behind their favorite developers. A new tool called Super Thanks, which allows you to give authors tips, is now being tested on the platform.

This feature allows users to thank the author by selecting one of four price points between $ 2-50 (or the equivalent amount in regional currency). When a user purchases one of these four options, they will see a solemn animation on the screen and a colorful comment named will appear below the video in the comments section. Content producers can respond to these messages themselves in the same way as in regular comments.

YouTube’s new Super Thanks feature will be shown on your mobile device.
Photo: YouTube

YouTube has tested the tool under a separate name, Viewer Applause, over the past year. Now called Super Thanks, it’s available in beta in 68 countries on desktop, Android and iOS.

Super Thank You is the fourth option YouTube has added for paid content providers. The platform also offers channel memberships that allow content providers to offer monthly subscriptions. Then there are Super Stickers and Super Chat, which allow viewers to leave tips for chatting during live streams. But where Super Stickers and Chat work in live feeds, the Super Thanks ID can be used on all valid downloads.

While the feature starts with four set payment amounts to choose from, the ability to manually enter other dollars is “definitely something we’d like to add,” Barbara Macdonald, product manager for paid digital products YouTube, said Limit. During the previous testing phase, there had initially been only one price point, but the authors told the company that viewers wanted more choice in showing their support for the channel they enjoyed.

YouTube pays eligible content producers a cut in the advertising revenue that appears in front of their videos. But the revenue stream isn’t always reliable, and it’s shrunk considerably when advertisers have withdrawn from YouTube during disputes. Providing content producers with options to pay salaries directly from viewers provides a potential backup revenue stream, so they are not entirely dependent on advertising.

Content producers must be part of the YouTube Partner Program in order to use super thanks. The beta release is a “randomized deployment,” Macdonald said before he came to all affiliate program members later this year.

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