YouTube Music Replay Mix playlist similar to Spotify’s ‘On Repeat’ is released to users

The 'Replay Mix' playlist is distributed to YouTube Music users, reminiscent of Spotify's 'On Repeat'

Google has worked hard to match the music streaming platform, YouTube Music, with its biggest competitors, Spotify and Apple Music. Now a new update is detected users on Reddit and reported by 9to5Google brings one more welcome addition to the app: a new Replay Mix that includes your most played songs.

Replay Mix contains songs you’ve listened to in recent weeks

The new playlist appears in the Mixed for you section of the application. It can be up to 100 songs long and gives you the option of endless autoplay when you reach the end. The playlist cover image has a record-breaking look in warm blue and orange colors.

This playlist is reminiscent of the Spotify On Repeat playlist, which was introduced in 2019 and also shows the songs you listened to.

YouTube Music’s Replay Mix should appear next to the My Supermix playlist, which can be found on the Mixed for you tab on the app’s home page. Several Reddit users have noticed this new playlist in their music apps, which means it is in the midst of widespread distribution in several countries.

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