YouTube shows videos directly in search results


YouTube is unveiling some new search features that make it easier to find the platform you’re looking for amidst the huge content.

One useful update is that YouTube shows up video figures in the search results, which would make it easier to navigate to the part of the video that might be most useful to you. Instead of having to tap a video and scroll through the chapters just to find the information you’re just looking for, you can see the search chapters so you can navigate to specific points in the video more easily. YouTube also adds video previews to search results on mobile devices, which means you see a short video clip before you tap it.

The second change is designed to help people find videos if the content they’re looking for isn’t in the local language. If so, YouTube will display videos with automatically translated subtitles, titles, and descriptions in the search results. The videos on display in this case are in English, but the company plans to expand this to several languages ​​in the future.

In addition, to help people find information on YouTube, the company is trying to add website links and other forms of Google search to YouTube search results. This experiment is only available on mobile devices in India and Indonesia, but the company says it is considering expanding the feature to other countries.

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