YouTube will soon translate video titles into your native language


YouTube is known to be developing a pretty cool new feature that may be coming soon to both the YouTube app and the website.

By Android police, the platform has tested the original automatic translation feature, which displays not only video titles in the language of your choice but also descriptions, captions and more.

Almost every time YouTube has a new feature on its sleeve, it strives to test it on small batches of users for a few months to get feedback and finalize it before it is released to the public.

We saw this earlier in the publication YouTube shorts, and we now see it with a certain number of users who suddenly see the videos and their entire layout translated into Portuguese and English.
If this happens to you and you want to turn it off, you will have great luck. These changes come from the server and not the app update, and nothing can be done about them if you happen to be a Google guinea pig this time. Android police have so far seen this happen only with Portuguese and English.

Personally, I’ve noticed a random name from the English translation of YouTube on Spanish (the language my phone is set to) in my personal feed in the YouTube app. (It hasn’t been consistent, just here and there!)

There have indeed been people who reported such a phenomenon YouTube Help Forum as early as 2019, when the names of viral videos randomly varied in their language and supported their original meaning – but no one knew why.

Now that a few other users have seen the caption translation feature in their YouTube feed to see if they want it, not everyone seems happy with it – especially when it’s not possible to turn it off at this time.

While the ability to change the automatic translation feature for video titles can be very useful for most types of educational content, of course, comic value or language-specific words can be lost in translation. Let us know in the comments if you’ve experienced something like this in your own YouTube feed and what you think about this feature.


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