Ziggurat will bring the lost Atari Jaguar legend to computers and consoles this summer


Ziggurat Interactive has announced the release of the unfinished Atari Jaguar video game, American hero, For PCs and consoles this summer. Developed by Empty Clip Studios American hero from the start so players can finally experience this blatantly 90s FMV game for themselves.


American hero was written in the 90s by cheating the top action movies of the 80s, and oddly enough, itself has become a caricature of 90s film. FMV’s playable films feature the talents of actors from Timothy Bottoms (The Last Slideshow, Elephant), Daniel Roebuck (Fleeing, The Final Destination) and Musetta Vander (O Brother, Where You Are, Wild Wild West) and are full of nonsense, lovely women and the thugs do a little brainwashing.

In American hero, players take on the role of a former American intelligence service that plans to stop a dangerous virologist who plans to release the virus to the Los Angeles water supply. With this rough activity report, players must make quick decisions to defend the only researcher who has a cure for this deadly disease.

“With American hero, we aim to balance preserving the project’s original vision with editorial restoration where game inventories were incomplete, ”said Matt Shores, CEO of Empty Clip Studios. “We think this was the best way to revitalize the game and give players a chance to experience a title that was never released to the public.”

American hero is buried in a treasure trove of Atar archives that almost lost time after the sudden end of the Jaguar CD, ”said Michael Devine, business director at Ziggurat Interactive. “Being able to restore and finalize this game and preserve a unique piece of video game history is exactly what Ziggurat is.”

Ziggurat releases American hero later this summer.

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