Zirconia Teeth in Noida by Dr Deepti Goel

Dental crowns are used to restore broken or damaged teeth. Zirconia crowns have become increasingly popular due to their strength, aesthetics, and biocompatibility features.

Studies conducted by Mundhe and Esquivel-Upshaw have demonstrated that polished monolithic zirconia crowns do not cause rapid wear on opposing enamel surfaces like ceramic-metallic crowns do or natural teeth [14], and do not cause allergies like PFM restorations can.

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Why Zirconia Crowns?

When teeth become damaged due to decay, fractures, a crossbite or other factors, dentists use dental crowns as a solution. Crowns come in various materials; zirconia crowns have become an increasingly popular choice.

Zirconia crowns are used mainly because of their strength. Zirconia can withstand similar forces to what your back teeth experience when grinding food, so they will last longer. Plus, their aesthetic appeal exceeds PFM crowns by mimicking natural tooth structure more accurately.

Zirconia crowns can be opaque, which makes it harder to match with natural teeth. To address this issue, dentists frequently layer zirconia with porcelain for an increased sense of naturalness that also extends longevity and esthetics of crowns. A CEREC machine at your dentist’s office can streamline this process further reducing time spent waiting between visits for your crown procedure.


Zirconia is harder than porcelain, making it ideal for teeth that experience high amounts of pressure such as those near the front of your mouth. Furthermore, due to its natural appearance it provides patients with a more pleasant eating or drinking experience when dealing with hot or cold food items.

Zirconium, a chemical element lying near titanium on the periodic table, cannot be found naturally but must instead be extracted through complex physical-chemical processes. When combined with gold or porcelain crowns, zirconium creates strong and long-wearing crowns without needing metal reinforcement for support.

Zirconia crowns are typically produced in dental labs following impressions and scans; however, with the right equipment and technology they can also be produced at the office in a same-day process. This makes the process far faster and simpler compared to waiting for lab work before cementing occurs; additionally it’s 100% metal-free which helps avoid gingival darkening caused by recession of gingiva margins and prevents exposed metallic edges when gingiva recedes.


Modern patients and dentists increasingly favor realistic aesthetics, leading them to favor beautiful zirconia crowns over metal crowns. Zirconia crowns offer long-term durability with natural aesthetics; plus they are non-toxic without causing side effects or negative side effects for users.

These restorations are created from yttria-stabilized zirconia that has been soft-machined using CAD/CAM and polished on its outer surface, to provide a more natural appearance than monolithic solid zirconia restorations.

Glidewell’s award-winning new category of dental zirconia, BruxZir Esthetic Zirconia is an innovative breakthrough product made possible through years of research & development. Thanks to advanced colloidal processing techniques, BruxZir Esthetic Zirconia exhibits both superior strength and lifelike translucency – perfect for anterior crowns & bridges.

The patient presented with severe wear in her aesthetic zone and desired to restore her smile using metal free crowns. Following placement of 84 monolithic yttria stabilized zirconia crowns (6 pcs), they were evaluated clinically and radiographically over three years; all restorations were successfully placed without technical complications or biologic findings, leaving both aesthetics and function satisfied patients.


Zirconia crowns are extremely resilient and require less maintenance than porcelain crowns, with less risk of cracking and more comfort for patients than porcelain ones. They can withstand both hot and cold environments more effectively, providing greater relief to sufferers of dental disorders.

Zirconia crowns are extremely strong and wear down slowly during chewing mastication, leaving minimal impactful wear-and-tear effects on adjacent natural teeth, making them the ideal solution for those who grind their teeth regularly. Zirconia’s beautiful material also looks natural, while providing strength and durability; making it highly customizable so as to match any shape, size or color requirements of an existing smile.

Zirconia crowns differ from traditional crowns by being metal-free and biocompatible, which ensures it will not cause allergic reactions in patients. This feature can be especially important because some patients may be sensitive to certain metals and materials which could lead to infection, pain or additional tooth/bone loss.


Zirconia is an organic material designed for tooth replacement that’s biocompatible, meaning that it won’t aggravate gum tissue like other materials can. Furthermore, this material is safe and durable so dentists need to remove far less original tooth structure when replacing teeth with zirconia replacements.

Important to keep in mind is the variety of all-ceramic crowns available; while Emax remains the go-to option, many offices with CEREC technology use another material called BruxZir which doesn’t feature as translucent lines when placed over existing teeth and will thus look more realistic when installed over existing ones.

However, BruxZir is much more durable than porcelain and will likely outlive you if treated correctly. Like with any dental work, some sensitivity may occur during hot or cold temperature change; this can be managed using Ibuprofen. You should continue with regular oral health habits like brushing and flossing to avoid plaque and tartar build-up that causes sensitivity as well as prevent future infections.

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