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In an effort to improve the e-learning system, Zoom has recently introduced a new feature called Focus Mode. This feature allows students to stay attentive during virtual lessons and not be distracted. This feature allows teachers to hide students ’videos and screen shares so they can’t see what their peers are doing in class. In addition, teachers can view all students and their screen shares. Not only in a classroom system, but this feature can be useful in several other cases, such as virtual meetings.

Image: Zooming

Image: Zooming

Focus mode contrasts Zoomit An Immersive View feature that allows participants to interact with each other in a virtual room. The magnificent view was released in April this year. In terms of features, the focus mode allows hosts to decide on the visibility of participants during the meetings. As such, teachers can turn off focus mode during class and allow students to focus on the concept being taught and discussed. Enabling this mode will not allow peers to see each other in a virtual classroom Zoom; however, they can see their video, name, and emoji reaction and hear other students in the same class. The overall focus mode experience is similar to that during webinars.

To enable focus mode, you must have Zoom desktop client version 5.7.3 on Windows or Mac. Mobile devices do not currently support this feature. Senior Zoom Versions that use focus mode do not allow users to see others in the meeting if the host does not see them.

The host can enable focus mode for all users of the account, group, or select group of users. It must first be turned on from the Zoom Web Portal and can still be used during a virtual meeting. They can click the Add button on the meeting toolbar for more information.


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