Zoom now lets you add third-party applications to your calls


Zoom supports its efforts to be an application application for virtual meetings and events by making Zoom applications and Zoom events widely available starting Wednesday.

Zoom applications are third-party integrations that appear directly in a Zoom call. There are more than 50 apps available, including apps like Asana, Pexels Backgrounds, or even games like Warning. If you have the latest version of the Zoom client, you can install applications from the new Applications tab, which you see in the toolbar during Zoom calls (even though your company administrator may have enabled them).

Zoom’s Zoom Events platform provides features that allow you to host robust virtual events. For example, you can create a hub that provides information about an event and set up a conversation on the hub. You can also sell tickets through Zoom events, and the company will not reduce sales. Zoom still provides OnZoom, an event platform designed for small businesses that works more than a virtual events marketplace, although it will remain in the “beta”, the company said.

Zoom first announced OnZoom and integrated third-party applications in October. The Zoom Events platform was unveiled for the first time in May.

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